Competition rules and general information


General information on the competition


ESTONIAN FLORIST CUP 2018 will be taking place in Tartu on two consecutive days

from 18 to 19 may. It is divided into two parts: 3 home preparatory work and final. The

event will be held in the, Eesti Rahva Muuseumis, Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu linn 60532 Tartu maakond.


Conditions of participation


Participation in the ESTONIAN FLORIST CUP 2018 is open to all florist regardless of the nationality. All the participants are entitled to compete in Grand Prix category, but only Estonian residents are entitled to win Estonian Champion title. Up to 20 florists can attend.

Competition rules


Each entrant is obliged to adhere, without exception, to the specifications set down in the invitation to enter in respect of use of materials, measurements, etc. Failure to comply with the specifications in the invitation to enter will result in a deduction of score points by the jury. All entrants must be in attendance in their competition area 15 minutes before the start of each individual competition task. Assistants are not permitted to stay in the competition area during the course of the individual competition tasks. An unmistakable start signal announces the start of the competition time. Time signals for orientation will be given 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute before the end of the individual tasks. When the final signal sounds, the piece of work may no longer be touched or moved by the entrant.


Entry fee


The entry fee for the Estonian Florist Cup 2016 is 150 euros. The entry fee must be paid by bank transfer no later than 14 days after registration. Transfer recipient MTÜ Eesti Florist bank account EE192200221044547832 Swedbank, password „Florist Cup“




Each entrant is entitled to bring one assistant to the Estonian Florist Cup 2018, who will support him/her in the preparation phase. Assistants are only allowed to do preparatory work or any other work related to the competition during those periods meant for preparations as indicated in the timetable. The assistants are neither allowed to assist in any form during the actual competition periods, nor may they give instructions or comments from the audience. During the actual competition periods, any contact between the competitor and the assistant is strictly forbidden. Also, the use of mobile phones or any other means of communication is strictly forbidden as from 5 minutes before the start of a task until the finalization of that task.



There’s two official languages: Estonian and English. It is important that participant or assistant understands and speaks one of the official languages.




The program of the competition will be laid down in a very detailed time-table which will be sent out to every competitor at his / her e-mail.

Technical information


The competition will be divided through themes and the competitor’s work will be displayed in the area used for each theme at their designated area within the theme. There will be no facilities nor will it be allowed to hang anything from the ceilings for any task.


Composition of the jury


The Members of the Jury will be professional florists of outstanding level having the attitudes, competences and experience for judging on the international level. The Jury for this competition will be composed of the following judges:


Indrek Kaeli (Est)

Priit Press (Est)

Taivo Piller (Est)

Varpu Suontaka (Fin)


Technical committee and supervisors


Technical committee (TC) panel consists of two professionals, all selected by the organizers. The TC decides about the interpretation of these regulations whenever conflicting views may occur. TC can take any measures necessary to ensure that these regulations are observed. The names of TC will be sent out to every competitor at his / her e-mail.




Finalists will be announced after 3rd task on saturday, 19 May. In the final are competing 10 competitors.


Involvement of sponsors


It is only allowed to have the competitor’s sponsor information in the working area, and/or next to each task. All the sponsor logos have to be in one page not bigger than A3. Estonian Florist Cup 2018 team is not providing printing services



Eesti Florist/Estonian Florist Association

Valdeku 72, Tallinn



Registration form

Registration is open until the open spaces are completed. The registration will be finnaly closed at 00:00 on March, 31 2018.

Task Descriptions

Friday, 18 may 2018 – First competition day


9.00– 13.00 Preparation phase


13.00 - 15.00 First competition task: Upside down

Technique: Free. The design is expected to last 2 days.

Time limit: 2 hours

Maximum measurements: 2 m wide, 2 m long, 2.50 m high

Description: Show your unique approach.

Competitor will need to bring any non-floral and floral materials with them for this task.


15.00– 16.00 Preparation phase


16.00 - 17.00 Second competition task: Good writing

Technique: Handtied bouquet with 1 binding point. The design is expected to last 2 days.

Time limit: 1 hour

Maximum measurements: It must be possible to lift the bouquet with one hand.

Description: Bouquet inspired by your favorite book.

Competitor will need to bring any non-floral and floral materials with them for this task. (Including a vase and a brief description of the work)


17.00– 18.00 Preparation phase

Saturday, 19.may 2018 – Second competition day


9:15 – 9:45 Preparation phase


10:00 – 11:30 Third competition task: Emajõgi (Mother River)

Technique: Do not use plastic foam, other technical solutions allowed. The visual aspect of the local natural materials is at least 60%. The design is expected to last 2 day.

Time limit: 1,5 hours

Minimum measurements: at least one measurements not less than 87cm

Description: Work inspired by the Mother River (river inTartu) and the Nordic wildlife


13.00-14.30 First final work. Surprise item. All plant and flower materials will be provided by the organizers.

15.30-17.00 Second final work. Surprise item. All plant and flower materials will be provided by the organizers.


19.00- 23.00 Grand finale and award ceremony


Distribution of points


IDEA (25 points)

originality, uniqueness/creativeness

interpretation of the given work/topic/task

choice of the materials / design by chosen materials

compliance of the work with the provided time / being finished


COLOUR (25 points)

proportion of the colour / dominance

expressing the idea by colour

composition of the colours / tones and shades, proportion of the colour

placement of the colours


COMPOSITION (25 points)

Form / style / construction

choice and use of the material, respect for the living material

forn / texture /structure / contrast / dominance / rhythm / motion / volume

proportions / visual balance


TECHNIQUE (25 points)


choice of the right technique

stability of the work / real (physical) balance

insuring the freshness and durability of the materials during the event (your design can have water)


Penalty points

Participant do not answer to permissible time: 5 %

If participant keeps working after TC warning: 20 %

Extra assistant apart from official assistant: 10 %

If extra assistant keeps working after TC warning: 20 %

Communication between participant and any other person during competition time (except TC and supervisors): 5 %

If participant keeps communicating after TC warning: 20 %

Work does not answer to size limitation:between: 2.5 -10 %

Participant uses non permissible materials, tools: 2.5 -10 %

Participant uses non permissible methods: 2.5 -10 %

Participant uses electrical item(s) in finished work: 10 %

Delivery of materials before indicated time: 5%

If the piece doesn't refer to the following criteria: The final piece mustnot be more than one third preconstructed; at least two thirds of the piece must be added during the competition period (whether this is additional twigs/base or flower material): 2.5 -10 %

If the piece doesn't refer to the following criteria: Parts of the work (like supports) prepared by the competitor before the contest(!!!)may never visually dominate in the final version of the contest work: 2.5 -10 %


Questions about the regulations

After the reception of these regulations possible questions can be forwarded in writing by e – mail:

All questions will be gathered there and then put forward to the Technical Committee. The answers that

have been given will be reported in writing to all competitors simultaneously in one information round (25 of April 2018)


Dispute about the decisions.

Organizers have the right to make changes in the competition rules if necessary.

The decisions of the Technical Committee and the judges are final. Complaints or protests cannot be filed.